How much is too much? Shift Report 101

It’s your third week on the floor and your preceptor has challenged you to give the patient bedside shift report to the incoming RN. How much information is too much for the next nurse? What do theyRoom Report need to know and how do you keep track of the details during the last hour of your shift?

All new nurses are confronted with the challenge of finding an organization system that is effective when keeping up with the flow of patients and their persistent needs before transitioning from one shift to the next. Training from veteran RNs like Liz (right) cover the essential elements of how to provide quality and continuity of care between shifts.

“Accountability and integrity are essential,” says Liz throughout her presentation. Nurse residents are equipped with simple acronyms for organizing important information and tools for navigating inter-departmental conversations to maintain consistency and accountability to quality patient care. KRMC nurse residents continually are reminded communicating with each other and their patients from the beginning mitigates risk.

group excerise

Many veteran nurses would agree that it may take a few years to find a “groove” in shift reporting, but maintaining good practices at the onset of a career is the best way to create a continuous standard of excellence.

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