Q&A With the Experts at Skills Lab

imageFrom tracheostomy and chest tubes to PCA pumps and EKGs, the learning curve in different nursing units can be steep for a new graduate. 

The skills training lab, scheduled eight weeks after the first day on the floor, is facilitated by supportive expert nurses who work in the same units as the residents. By creating an initial immersion period, the residents have a hands-on opportunity to “connect the dots” of their training at the skills lab, ask questions without judgement, and work with fellow peers from the same units.

The first few months as a nurse can test the understanding of classroom concepts and theories, requiring critical thinking in a fast paced environment. With guidance from seasoned mentors, KRH Nurse Residents are able to practice skills in the classroom to better care for patients on the floor.


“One of our focuses of this program is to ensure that new nurses build a strong foundation of clinical skills. This skills lab creates a safe place to ask questions and connect the dots with expert nurses.”

Mandy Pokorny
Nurse Residency Coordinator

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