Resident Spotlight: Barb

EKG Training

Residents and seasoned RNs reviewing strips at Skills Lab


What about the Program made you want to apply?

I applied to the residency program because I felt that the reorganized EBP program met my needs as a new nurse. I wanted to be supported in my new role but  also have some autonomy. I wanted to have consistency in my preceptors and receive regular feedback from them. I felt that the Residency program offered that opportunity.

What are you looking forward to most as you move through this first year?

I am looking forward to a time where all the knowledge I am learning in this first year will become second nature.  Putting knowledge into practice can be overwhelming and difficult.  It can be discouraging at times when you think you’ve “got it” but you don’t.  You just have to trust the process.

What is one thing you enjoy about working at KRH?

I really enjoy the atmosphere of my work place.  I feel very supported and welcomed by my co-workers.

McConnell, Barb croppedA recent graduate of Montana State University, Barb has been working on the Intermediate Care Unit for past 10 weeks. Welcome to the team, Barb!