Resident Spotlight: Shannon

Howard, Shannon 3.18.15What has been one of the most valuable parts of this program for you?

 Having the opportunity to succeed and fail with grace under the observation of a more experienced nurse. The chance to grow comfortably without the pressure of being expected  to care for a team without help has been a tremendous confidence booster. 

 What have you enjoyed about your preceptors?

Having the opportunity to create close friendships with my peers which has allowed induction into the tight-nit team on the nursing unit much easier.

  What has been the best class you attended and why?

The class titled, “when to call the doctor” was one of the most beneficial classes. It helped to break down the wall of fear that gives me pause when I need to call the doctor. Dr. Short is a very personable provider and he does a great job taking every opportunity to explain information to nurses that allows for better care delivery. 

 A graduate of Southern Nevada college, outside of the hospital, Shannon’s time is dedicated to her pursuit of a Masters in Nursing Education, rock climbing, and being the best daughter, significant other, auntie, dog-mom and friend she can be. Go Shannon!