Lab Draw 101

How do you correctly apply the tourniquet?  How do you choose the correct collection device? What’s the right angle of insertion? These are just a few of the questions our Residents asked when learning to draw labs –  a skill that can be a bit intimidating to tackle during year one.

From learning to label a tube correctly to ensuring that the integrity of the specimen is protected, Nurse Residents learned the ropes from Laboratory expert and Phlebotomist, Kelly L. last week.

After learning correct methods in the classroom, the Residents will each have an opportunity to fine-tune their skills during morning lab draws with Kelly by their side.

“It was really helpful to learn how important it is to assess [the veins] thoroughly and think about how you can get the cleanest sample possible without compromising the vessel… It was helpful to get to play with and practice with all the different needles. So often during school you don’t get hands on experience especially with multiple devices.”