Clinical Educators: Raising the Bar

It is 1830, and two RN Residents are coming in for their night shift.  Before they get started, they have a chance to meet with Deb, a KRH Clinical Educator, to freshen up on some skills.


Deb delivers a just-in-time training on chest tubes, epidurals, and PCAs

Deb has over 25 years of clinical and leadership experience.  Her role is to support all staff on the acute care units, but has a special place in her heart for new graduates.  Deb provides support to newly licensed nurses in a number of ways.  “My role is to bridge past clinical expertise with healthcare today. I help our new nurses by providing a safe haven for mistakes, mentoring for career planning, coaching toward excellence, and providing everything from formalized lectures to just-in-time training at the point of service.”

Deb also feels passionately about supporting all RNs  and teaching them how to live well. “If I can help them care for themselves, they are less likely to become a ‘curmudgeon’ in 10 years. This career is too valuable to be miserable when you come to work!”

Thank you to all KRH Educators for your compassion, dedication, clinical expertise, and service.

I like gaining a new perspective from our Nurse Residents.  Healthcare changes so fast, and they are on the cutting edge!       

– Deb Goodrum, Acute Care Educator