Leaning into Your Fears: The Deteriorating Patient

One of the first classes that kicks off the Residency is, “The Deteriorating Patient – ABCDE Method,” taught by Carla, Critical Care Educator.

This class is all about giving Nurse Residents a simple, easy to remember, and effective tool to approach a patient who appears to be deteriorating. “This is a big fear for any new nurse – we want our staff to know that they have a lot of resources and support when this takes place – that they won’t be on their own,” noted Mandy, Residency Coordinator.

During the class, Carla reviews the ABCDE method – how to asses Airway, Breathing, Circulation,  Disability, and create an Emergency plan.  Participants also learn about the various  response teams of experts at KRH that are available to them at any time.

 “[This was] easy to understand and easy information to retain.  As a nurse, one the fears I have is not recognizing the deteriorating patient. Loved this!”

– Class participant