EBP: Igniting a Spirit of Inquiry

During month six of the program, Nurse Residents begin to be mentored in the evidence-based practice (EBP) process at KRH.  Through attending a five-part EBP series, each new nurse works with their clinical team to:

  1. Identify an idea that they want to know more about on their unit
  2. Translate their inquiry into a PICOT question
  3. Search the literature
  4. Appraise the literature
  5. Present an action plan

Nurses receive 10 continuing nursing credits for attending the EBP series and are mentored through out the process.  At the end of the series, two winners are identified, each receiving a $350 scholarship that can be used toward their professional development.

This year’s winners presented, “How Hand Hygiene Affects Infection Rates in the NICU” and “The Use of Port Disinfection Caps to Impact CLABSI Rates.”

The Nurse Residents presented their ideas to the nursing leadership team on May 17th, giving them great visibility with leaders in the organization.  Congratulations, Cohort 5!