RN Residency Spotlight

What brought you to apply for the Logan Health RN Residency?

I was motivated to apply to the Logan Health RN Residency program due to the benefits of the married preceptor model. Having an experienced nurse by my side to “show me the ropes”, answer questions, and provide direct feedback on my progress was exactly what I was looking for coming out of nursing school. In addition to the structured transition from school to practicing nurse, I chose Logan Health due to it’s location in the Flathead Valley. I wanted my work place to be located in an area where I had access to world-class outdoor recreation opportunities!

What are you looking forward to most as you move through your first two years as a new RN?

I am looking forward to settling into the routine of working in the hospital and being a part of a team. My previous occupations have been seasonal. The benefit of a seasonal lifestyle is freedom and a lack of monotony. However, it does not provide much stability or an opportunity to continually practice or build skills. I’m excited to experience the stability and continued learning that comes with a year-round position.  

What is one thing you enjoy about working at Logan Health?

One thing I enjoy about working at Logan Health is the support I’ve received during the first year of my residency. Personally, I had a challenging first six months of residency. My Residency Coordinators took the time to listen to my concerns and provide solutions to benefit me both professionally and personally. Logan Health is lucky to have such a dedicated group of Residency Coordinators.  

What advice would you give to potential applicants?

My advice to future residents is utilize your resources. You are not alone in this transition. People are here to help you and systems are in place to ensure that you are successful as a new nurse. You don’t need to do this all by yourself.  Also give yourself grace, don’t expect perfection. You’ll be learning so much every shift! Take time to celebrate small victories and enjoy the ride!