Warriors for Well-being

During any transition, stress comes in positive and negative forms. Completing Nursing school and becoming a new Nurse comes with great excitement, but can also come with stressors such as relocation, being the “new kid,” starting from the bottom, and financial uncertainty. This, coupled with becoming a new Nurse during a global pandemic, can take a big toll on your overall well-being.

The Nurse Residency Program for Kalispell Regional Healthcare is here to offer a wide range of support to help you find your footing, feel welcome, and take your first steps on solid ground into your new profession.

Here is how we can help:

Navigation of employee benefits such as the Employee Assistance Program where employees have access to licensed counselors.

One-on-one and group debriefings to share stories, offer support, and find solutions to the challenges of being a new Nurse.

Courses focused on finding a healthy work-life balance, how to navigate difficult conversations, and more.

Extensive, structured orientation to the unit through the use of Married-State Preceptorship Model.

Want to join our team? Visit us at https://www.krh.org/krhc/employment/nurse-residency-program

On The Hunt!

Our August Cohort went on a scavenger hunt this week around the KRH Campus. Scavenger hunts are a great way to orient new employees to our hospital in a fun and exciting way while encouraging them to meet new faces.

Can you guess what they were looking for in each of the images below?

Lauren, Adam, Willie, and Danielle found our Montana Children’s Center!

Gina, Sarah, and Adam located a Vander-lift and looked pretty happy about it too!

Jadan, Ty, and Maura spotted our Telesitter devices used to keep our patients safe.

Stephanie, Jenny, and Jib found a VIP- Mandy, our Residency’s Program Director!

Sun, Smiles, and Social Distance

Our newest groups of Nurse Residents, AKA Cohort 13, hiked with our KRH Nurse Residency Coordinators at Herron Park for their first official meet-and-greet. Equipped with water, sunscreen, and masks, there was no better environment than the great outdoors for this team to get to know one another. Welcome, Nurse Residents!