I feel so blessed to have had an opportunity to be apart of the Kalispell Regional Healthcare Nurse Residency Program. After 14 weeks of preceptorship I felt confident in my abilities to begin my nursing journey on my own with the continued support of preceptors, hospital staff, and coordinator of this outstanding program. Thank you so much for working so hard to make such a wonderful program and resource for newly graduated nurses!

-Lori Church, RN, 1st Floor, MSU Graduate

The Nurse Residency Program has had a positive impact on newly trained nurses. Nurse Residents are able to adjust to the new routine of nursing practice while under the guidance of three or more strong preceptors. As a manager, I appreciate the structure and clarity of the Nurse Residency Married-State Preceptor Program.

– Sonya Solum, RN, Clinical Manager, Intermediate Care Unit

I liken our Nurse Residency Program to the experience of learning to ride a bike with mom or dad holding on to the seat offering stability and encouragement.  Sadly, far too many new nurses leave the profession within 2 years of practice because they are overwhelmed and frustrated from a lack of training and support.  The Nurse Residency Program functions as a kind of safety net, easing the new nurse into patient care with a skilled preceptor who is readily available to teach and encourage. 

– Laura Pierson, 1st Floor Med/Surg Oncology Nurse Preceptor

My favorite part about this program is how my work days are supported by educational days.  I don’t feel I am rushing to get my education pieces done, but I am given time to learn things that are foundational to my job. The candy is good too!

– Barb McConnell, RN Resident, Intermediate Care Unit

I am so pleased to see that such a comprehensive and well organized Nurse Residency Program is being offered at Kalispell Regional Healthcare.  The nurses that graduate from Montana State University are well educated and bring much to their new positions.  However – I know they can benefit greatly from a residency program.  Their confidence is increased, they get to know the setting and their new colleagues in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere, and best of all – they will ultimately be happier in their positions, stay longer, and patient care is improved.  Thank you for offering such a great program!

-Helen Melland, PHD, RN, Dean, MSU College of Nursing

The Nurse Residency Program has been extremely helpful  to me in starting my nursing career by helping me gain confidence in myself.  It has given me so many helpful resources to enhance my skills and knowledge in the nursing profession.  I have also gained a fantastic support system thanks to the program.

– Morgen Zauner, RN, Surgical Floor, MSU Graduate

I’m so excited that KRH is offering an RN Residency Program. What a fun and supportive way for a new nurse to launch their career! Research shows that Residency Programs lead to better patient outcomes, increased RN satisfaction and decreased RN turnover, all vitally important for our future. Plus new RNs get to work with the amazing, talented and dedicated nurses at KRH.  It’s a win-win!  

– Pat Wilson MN, RN, Executive Director Education Services