Staying Close While 6 Feet Apart

Social-distancing restrictions in place due to the current COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed down our current Cohort!

Nurse Residents in the KRMC Nurse Residency Program are finding creative ways to continue their professional development and growth of knowledge. Virtual skills labs, remote learning from home, and Face Time one-on-one meetings are now part of our toolbox. Here at KRMC, we recognize that the RN learning environment is ever-changing and we are ready to support our residents by thinking outside the box and adjusting our process to meet their needs! #stayhome #flattenthecurve #washyourhands

Teri Steffens, KRMC Nurse Residency Coordinator, shares a smile remotely with our current cohort.
Teri Steffens, KRMC Nurse Residency Coordinator, shares a smile remotely with our current Cohort.

Nurse Resident Spotlight: Alie


Twelve new nursing graduates turned their degrees into careers as they began the KRMC Nurse Residency Program in July 2015. From the first day to the first IV, training has been in full swing.

The KRMC Nurse Resident Spotlight for September is Alie, a native of Woodland, California and graduate from California Baptist University. She currently services patients on the 3rd Medical Floor of Kalispell Regional. Though transition from the classroom to the hospital setting has been overwhelming, Alie finds confidence in the structure of the program and the support of her fellow peers and department staff. The first phase of the residency is based on preceptor-nurse relationships, and Alie is looking forward to taking on more responsibility for her patients in the coming months during phase two of the program.

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“I was looking for this type of program to help bridge the gap between nursing school and nursing practice and was excited to see that KRMC had a well-established and prestigious program.”